Markeal King founded the Silver Lining Sports Academy to share his passion for basketball to transform the lives of youth through sports.

Markeal’s youth was a troubled one. Born to a teenage mother in Miami, he grew up moving from household to household, and school to school. Feeling like he wasn’t a part of anything, he turned to the streets, and became involved in delinquent activities. In his senior year of high school, he moved to Atlanta with his Aunt and Uncle, and joined his school’s basketball team. Through sports, he developed a work ethic and a feeling of belonging to a group. And, though he had only played a year of organized basketball, he was able to secure a scholarship to junior college to forward his education. After college, he played professionally overseas and was able to travel the world.

Sports literally changed his life – while many of his friends from Miami ended up in jail or dead, basketball enabled him to develop a work ethic, develop a sense of character, and get a Master’s degree.

Through his coaching and administrative positions he also saw the impact basketball had on others. For some, this meant helping them to get college scholarships to better their lives. For others, it meant teaching them the value of hard work and persistence in finally making their school’s team. Some of the youth he worked with felt the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. Others simply had fun learning a new skill.


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Markeal had been thinking about creating a space for youth to better themselves through basketball for some time, but it took a major life event to motivate him to do something about it. In December, 2014, his beloved grandmother, who had been like a mother to him, died. Inspired by her lifelong legacy of giving and helping, he decided to finally follow his dream of creating Silver Lining Sports Academy.

The name came from his own experience of mentors helping him to find his own silver lining. As a confused, troubled, and angry youth, it was natural for most people to react to his external behavior and overlook his caring heart and desire to have a better life that was sometimes buried deep inside. But, some special mentors took the time to get to know him, help him to discover his own strengths, talents, and gifts, and develop them.

Through his work and life experiences, Markeal knows there is a silver lining in every child.

While they won’t all go onto professional careers in sports, through the Silver Lining Sports Academy and its programs, they can develop character, camaraderie, focus, and positivity.

Learn more about Coach King here.

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Physical Development

We make our sessions challenging and fun to encourage engagement and focus.

Mental Toughness

We work on concentration and mental toughness to be able to deal with the rigors of the game.


Game Tactics

We help raise your basketball IQ so you can be a smarter, more strategic player.


The work ethic, team work, and resilience you learn in basketball will help you in all areas of your life.

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